Growth Retention



Ingredients ALOE VERA Nourishes, conditions, and protects against breakage. ARGAN OIL Adds natural shine and smooths hair cuticles. AVOCADO OIL Helps seals the hair cuticle to prevent breakage BAOBAB OIL Restores and helps strengthen damaged hair, locks in moisture BLACK CASTOR OIL Nourishes scalp and helps to promote hair growth CHOCOLATE (CACAO) POWDER Restores and […]

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5 Natural Remedies For a Dry, Itchy Scalp

A solid foundation is the key to a strong and stable house. Similarly, the scalp is the foundation of your hair and any crack in that foundation can bring the whole house down. On the positive side, if you take good care of that foundation, it will show.  If you dedicate time, good natural hair […]

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Braid Cleanser Hacks: 5 Frizz-Free Tips For Washing Braids

Braid Cleanser Hacks: 5 Frizz-Free Tips For Washing Braids Protective styles, whether you are fully natural or not, are integral to maintaining the overall health of your hair. From twists to braids to weaves, these chic styles protect your curls and coils from heat styling, breakage, and environmental damage while contributing to moisture and length […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Protective Styling: Protection, Maintenance and Restoration

Isn’t our hair just…GLORIOUS!? Its ability to stretch, bend and curl into any style we desire. Our hair is the definition of versatility. Braided to the scalp, twisted or locked, from curly to straight in a matter of minutes, we transition from one style to the next to match our mood, the weather or an […]

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New Hair’s Resolutions: Our Top 9 Tips for Becoming Hair Goals This Year

Perhaps you had a setback last year. Got some heat damage or maybe your color went wrong. Sigh! Another big chop. Maybe you’re trying to get over a growth plateau or have your sights set on length retention because you’re trying to be goals. Well, it’s a new year. And our goal is to help […]

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