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Get Stylin: How to Use Miracle Pudding & Curling Custards

Whoever named textured hair products must have been majorly hungry. Butters, puddings, custards, creams… it’s enough to conjure up images of fancy dessert trays and make you hungry too.  Styling miracle puddings and curling custards are indeed treats, just in a different way. These hair care products are incredible treats for your natural tresses, especially […]

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How to Get the Best Protective summer Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Remember summer as a kid? There was a certain magical quality about being free from school and having endless days and months to enjoy yourself. While these special perks may be long gone (unfortunately you can’t take three months off work and you still have responsibilities) summer is still an exciting time.  Warmer weather however, […]

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3 Must Haves For Healthier Hair

Curly, straight, braided, silk pressed: there is so much diversity among black women to celebrate but this is especially true when it comes to hair. Although we may differ in our unique hair texture, length, or curl pattern, the one thing we all have in common is our undeniable shared desire for healthy, beautiful hair.  […]

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