Shea Miracle Buttery Creme Hair Moisturizer

Moisturizes & Shapes


This moisture intense formula helps eliminate dryness, enhances body, bounce and shine.Regular use of Buttery Creme helps: Nourish & soften curls, coils and waves Stretch & elongate curls and kinky-coils Moisturize hair and scalp.

How to use it

Rub a generous amount of creme between your palms. Gently finger comb section-by-section from roots to ends. Continue stretching and elongating curls until satisfied with your curl definition.Natural Styling Suggestions:Try Two Strand Twists by applying creme to damp or dry hair, twisting each section. The more you twist the more you can define determines the size and length of the curl. Air dry, blow dry w/diffuser or dry under hood. Untwist each section for a fuller look or just leave twisted for tighter look.

Featured Ingredients

African Shea Butter & Oil Extracts

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Real People, Real Results

African Pride is a premium producer of African American hair product. Their entire line is used by many women on a regular basis to maintain their beautiful hair. It's scent is very appealing and it keeps the hairy moist but not oily for a long time. It even moisturizes the ends of each strand. Many products do very well but do not seem to be up to that challenge.

Little Romance

This feels great on my hair! My hair is growing, but it is naturally coarse and can be quite unruly at times. Since I work out several times a week, I needed a moisturizer that would helped my hair stay soft without making it greasy. If need to do my own hair between hair appointments, I have something to tame my hair down. I love the fragrance. It is light and pleasant. That was a very nice bonus. A little bit goes a long way, but I'm still ordering another one so I won't run out anytime soon. Nice product.


This stuff is the truth!! I'm currently 4 month post relaxer and have about 2 inches of new growth and my natural curls which are a 3b can be dry at times so when I add this on my new growth and ends it leaves my hair so moisturized that I don't have to Moisturize for 3 days! It's awesome!