Shea Miracle Detangling Shampoo



This detangling Shampoo creates incredibly slippery, soft tresses, which helps kinkier textures detangle with ease. The smoothing, nourishing ingredients combine to easily tame even the frizziest natural textures.

How to use

Wet hair thoroughly. Evenly massage into hair and scalp with fingertips. Rinse, repeat anstyle d as usual

Featured Ingredients

Shea & Mango Butter

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This is the best product I have ever tried on afro curly dry hair. It leaves the hair so soft and moisturized. No more tangles.

Nicoletta Elia

I am african american and have 4a/4b hair. I use shampoo about once a month, co-wash weekly and have had this bottle of shampoo a whole year. I bought it while in the country of Honduras but cannot find it anywhere else except here on amazon which i am very happy about because i looove this stuff. My hair feels clean but not stripped of all moisture. The smell is super good!!! Even after applying Jamaican black castor oil (which has a strong smell) the shampoo smell still shines through! I would highly recommend this shampoo.

Ray Love