Sometimes miracle ingredients can be found in the most unusual of places. For example, think about your kitchen cabinet. Most people overlook the multi-faceted uses of common pantry staples like Cocoa, Avocado oil, or Coconut oil. Yet many natural hair aficionados know the true benefits to using these types of ingredients. 

At African Pride, we’ve looked to household staples like these as the building blocks for some of our most popular products and formulas. One of the most versatile natural ingredients that’s guaranteed to be sitting in your pantry right now is Olive oil. 

Olive oil hair benefits run the gamut from replenishing moisture to preventing breakage. It’s also known for its smoothing properties and ability to seal in hydration. It’s no wonder our aunties have been slathering this lush oil on our heads for decades. 

Of the many natural hair care oils or products sitting on shelves, Olive oil is possibly one of the best tools for a healthy scalp and happy hair. However, this doesn’t mean microwaving a bowl of Olive oil is your best route to great hair. In fact, you might have already tried using this popular oil and been less than impressed with its results. 

The reason is due to the type of Olive oil found in kitchens and the type that is used in natural hair products. The oil percentage, type, and formula vary greatly and it’s best to use a product that’s been expertly created for textured hair, like our Olive Miracle collection.

No matter what type of curl or coils you might have, Olive oil is the perfect natural ingredient for hydrated, nourished hair. Curious about giving it a try? We’re breaking down some of the best Olive oil hair benefits, plus, our top tips and tricks for using Olive oil and actually seeing results.

What To Know About Olive Oil

Humans have been producing and enjoying the benefits of Olive oil since ancient times. In fact, the Olive tree has been a staple of the Mediterranean since around the third millennium B.C. Growing tall for centuries, these magnificent trees have been utilized for multiple purposes, including the cultivation of olives and Olive oil.

Olive oil derives from the olives, or the fruit, of the Olive tree which get ground into a paste. The primary fat (or oil) is then extracted which creates Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) which maintains the color and nutritional value of the olives. There are various methods for extracting oil which determines the overall grade of Olive Oil. 

The best Olive oil for your hair (and for cooking) is EVOO which is the purest, lightest type of oil. This type will not be overly refined or have added chemicals which means it maintains its nutrients and fatty acid contents, aka what your hair needs to look and feel its best.

How To Know If Olive Oil Is Right For Your Hair

When it comes to natural hair care products or ingredients, your unique hair texture, pattern, and type will determine which formula is best for your hair. When it comes to oils, hair texture certainly plays a part in that choice, but ultimately, it comes down to identifying your hair goals. 

Do you need lots of moisture? Does your hair lack shine? Do you want to kickstart hair growth or prevent future hair damage and breakage? If you said yes to this, Olive oil is definitely a great ingredient to help you achieve lush and beautiful strands.

Typically, coily, type 4 girls will need more moisturize as coils tend to dry out much more than type 3 hair. However, looser curls will benefit from using Olive oil just as much as tighter textures, perhaps just in lower concentrations. 

There are certainly some skeptics out there who’ve found Olive oil to be too rich and left their strands greasy or weighed down. This is a possible side effect from using your kitchen Olive oil as a hot oil treatment, using straight oil will likely have this impact. It’s recommended to use Olive oil in smaller doses and mixed with other active ingredients. 

We recommend Olive oil for most natural hair but it’s especially great for coarse hair, damaged hair, high porosity hair, hair that’s been overly processed, and those with tighter coils.

4 Amazing Olive Oil Hair Benefits

Olive oil is a dream ingredient when it comes to caring for natural curls and coils. There are several benefits to incorporating this oil into your daily hair care regimen, ranging from its ability to condition hair to controlling frizz. Rich in vital nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, and fatty acids, Olive oil is a great ingredient to reach for year-round, but is especially helpful during the winter months as its nourishing acids and vitamins elements function as softening and soothing emollients. Still not sure how Olive oil will help your natural hair? Let’s take a closer look at 4 of the best Olive oil hair benefits.

Infuses Much Needed Moisture

Whether your natural hair suffers from constant dryness, seasonal dryness, or damage, Olive oil is the perfect moisturizing agent. There are a wide variety of ingredients out there that claim to deeply moisturize natural hair, but many only sit on top of the hair whereas Olive oil actually penetrates the hair follicles. Penetrating oils are key as they help hair to maintain moisture by sealing it into the hair follicles.  To give your coils maximum moisture start your hair care routine with a moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner like our Olive Miracle 2-in-1 formula. This unique recipe combines the finest African herbs with Olive oil to help gently cleanse, repair, condition, and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair.

olive miracle 2 in 1

Stimulates Hair Growth

Packed with valuable vitamins and nutrients, Olive oil is full of antioxidants and fats like oleic acid, which have been shown to slow the effects of hair loss. Similarly, a 2015 study done on Mice showed significant hair growth when applied with Olive-tree ingredients. Olive oil is also known to help strengthen hair follicles, increasing the lifespan of each hair.   In order to enjoy the hair growth benefits of Olive oil, massage a lush oil blend, like our African Pride 5 Essential Oils, into your scalp and edges. The act of massaging helps stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, meaning you’ll get double the chances of great hair growth.

Moisture Miracle Essential OIls

Soothes a Dry, Damaged Scalp

The scalp is the key to healthy hair and should therefore, never be ignored. Yet many of us have a tendency to ignore our scalp when it comes to hair care, resulting in dullness, and lack of growth. Not to mention the excessive dryness, itchiness, and flakes that you’re also likely to experience. 

Unfortunately, natural hair is already prone to increased brittleness and dryness since it’s more difficult for moisture to travel down coily and curly hair strands. A dry scalp on textured hair types tends to occur because the follicles are lacking moisture. When the dryness gets to a certain level the scalp may get itchy and eventually the skin begins to flake off.

The good news? Olive oil is filled with antibacterial properties that promote a moisturized and soothed scalp. Similarly, it helps fight infections and inflammation while improving the blood flow at the root of the hair, where it matters most. 

Incorporating Olive oil formulas into your natural hair care routine will help common issues like dry scalp, itchiness, and dandruff.

Leave-In Conditioner

Gives Hair Healthy Shine

Talking about damage and dryness, this doesn’t only impact your roots. In fact, it goes 

all the way down to your hair shaft. Dryness and damage are the leading causes of frizz and split ends. 

When treating common hair issues like dryness or damage, it’s important to take a two-pronged approach. First, care for the scalp (as we discussed above) and second, help smooth hair from mid-shaft to ends. While true hair repair will come from the scalp, adding a few drops of Olive oil into your hair will help add shine, retain moisture, fight frizz, and make strands much more manageable. 

On dry or damp hair, work in our lightweight and fast-absorbing Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner to help strengthen strands from the inside out. Rocking braids? Opt for our Braid Sheen Spray to boost shine and condition in-between wash days.

All About African Pride Olive Miracle

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re a little bit obsessed with Olive oil. We believe in its ability to help moisturize dry hair, repair damage, soothe irritated scalps, and stimulate hair growth. No matter what type of natural hair you have there is an olive hair hair benefit for you. African Pride products are specifically formulated for every type of natural hair. Our ultimate goal is to keep your curls and coils hydrated so you can spend less time worrying about how your hair looks or feels and more time enjoying life. Our best-selling Olive Miracle collection has everything your hair type needs to restore moisture, refresh dry or damaged strands, and maintain lush, healthy hair.