They’re smart, bold, beautiful, talented and can’t help but to sparkle and shine Black excellence everywhere they go. Next to unicorns, Black women are truly the most magical creatures in existence. And what can we say? Apparently, game recognize game.

Drawing inspiration from their mythical counterparts, here are a few of our favorite naturalistas, serving unicorn realness; proof that not only do Black girls rock, but they can rock any color of the rainbow.

Beautiful black woman with blue and purple hair
Black woman with bright blue hair
Black woman with deep red hair
Beautiful black woman with neon purple hair
Black woman with bright pink hair
Black woman with dark blue hair

As you can see, there’s no reason you can’t experiment with temporary color, or switch up your usual steez, while playing it “safe,” with a brightly-colored wigs or weaves. Obviously, some of these may not fly if you work in Corporate America. But at the very least, that’s what weekends are for. So please, be your biggest, baddest, boldest self and don’t ever think that there are dreams, or colors, off-limits to you.