The Amazing Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil on Natural Hair

As long as humans have been around, we’ve been exploring all types of natural remedies for aches and pains. As you might have discovered, lemon and honey can work wonders for the common cold, aloe vera can treat wounds and burns, and cocoa butter can heal scars. 

Our amazing planet has so much to offer in terms of natural ingredients for all types of uses. We love using these special ingredients in our natural hair care formulas since we know they’re tried and true and have been beloved for centuries. 

Tea tree oil is one of these amazing ingredients with numerous health and beauty benefits. You might associate this oil with intense lice-killing treatments as a kid and consequently aren’t appreciating all it can do. Tea tree oil can certainly help heal cuts, treat psoriasis, and kill lice, but it can do so much more. 

Discovered in Australia long ago, indigious peoples realized its many benefits and began using it as an antiseptic to heal injuries and infections. Decades later, tea tree oil made its way into the skin care and hair care industries, and for good reason. 

Gentle enough not to irritate sensitive skin yet strong enough to treat cuts, itchiness, or psoriasis a few of the amazing benefits of using tea tree oil for hair are refreshed, moisturized strands, soothed scalps, and so much more. 

Not sure why you need to incorporate this natural ingredient into your hair care regime? Well it’s time to stop overlooking this multi-functional beauty oil. Let’s dig deeper into what tea tree oil can do for your natural hair. Prepare to be amazed.

Why Tea Tree Oil Is Great For Natural Hair

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Natural hair is delicate and prone to dryness. As such, it’s super important that you are using gentle, hydrating products whenever handling your curls as they need as much moisture as possible. 

Similarly, It’s equally as important to have a proper wash day routine that maintains your hairs natural oils and eliminates any dirt or product buildup. Tea tree oil is a powerhouse ingredient that works best when it is mixed with a “carrier oil” that dilutes it to make it safe and gentle enough for direct use on skin and hair. 

That’s why it’s a staple ingredient in our African Pride Olive Miracle collection because olive oil and tea tree oil make an amazing combination for curly and coily hair. The tea tree oil deep cleanses while the olive oil seals in moisture and prevents breakage.

Your curls and coils are often saturated with a lot of different products for styling and retaining moisture but tea tree oil provides intense nourishment and deep conditioning so your crown stays both healthy and soothed.

Top Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair

Whatever your hair care concern is, we can almost guarantee tea tree oil can remedy it. Dry, itchy scalp? Tea tree oil has got you covered. Lackluster locks? Reach for that oil. Hair won’t grow? All you need is some tea tree. 

While there are so many benefits to using tea tree oil on your natural curls and coils, we’ve broken down our top four. Caution: luxurious strands and soothed scalps ahead.

Deep Cleansing

If you’ve used any product with tea tree oil before, you probably recognize that signature refreshing tingle it often gives skin. For your hair and scalp, that tingle is a soothing and therapeutic experience. 

Tea tree oil offers a deep clean that won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils and moisture it needs to live its best life. Curls and coils are prone to dryness so it’s common to clog the scalp with buildup from all the hydrating products it needs. 

Tea tree oil gives wash day a big upgrade by easily clearing away product buildup, excess oil, and dead skin. The intense cleansing penetrates each hair strand and nourishes each follicle on the scalp for healthy curls. It also works wonders (especially in combination with other ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil) for an extra boost of moisture.

Scalp Care

The most delicate and sensitive area of hair is naturally the most prone to irritation. The scalp needs consistent cleansing, protecting, and conditioning. Tea tree oil targets the scalp to not only do all three of those things, but also to unclog its follicles and pores. 

This decreases the chances of infection and prevents ingrown hairs which can cause inflammation. Trusted research also shows that tea tree oil’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties can fight existing infections in the scalp and prevent new ones. 

Its stimulating clean increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp’s hair follicles and helps balance its pH level. The scalp is the foundation of the hair and tea tree oil keeps it flake-free and thriving so your curls can do the same.

Promoting Growth

Keeping the hair clean, healthy, and moisturized is the best way to get those inches rolling, but tea tree oil goes a step further to encourage it. Keeping the scalp’s pores unblocked and improving blood flow to your roots helps keep the growth active. 

The increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the scalp helps the follicles to grow stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage. So if all the detangling and styling has left your hair thinning, you can count on tea tree oil to thicken up your new growth. 

Its deeply nourishing properties swiftly eliminate any clogged follicles, product buildup, or minor infections that may be getting in the way of healthy hair growth.

Treating Skin Conditions

Without proper care, the scalp can become prone to certain conditions that can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, tea tree oil is a great natural remedy that can fix many of these common ailments. Minor infections often cause itchiness and dryness, so tea tree’s antifungal and soothing properties are an effective first line of defense against them. 

Dandruff is actually a fungal scalp condition that’s a bit more scientific than just dry skin flakes. It’s caused by a sensitivity to the presence of oleic acid, a byproduct that exists when a naturally occurring microbe feeds on sebum, your skin’s natural oils. 

When a person is sensitive to the acid, the scalp becomes inflamed, which signals the body to try to get rid of the irritation by shedding skin cells faster. A clinical study proved how the actual causes of dandruff make tea tree oil an effective option for treating it.

 Its antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties treat the condition as a whole instead of just washing out the flakes. 

Conditions like psoriasis often show up on legs, arms, or stomach, but sometimes they can occur on the scalp. This skin disorder causes skin cells to multiply rapidly, turning into dry, itchy patches with white scales. 

It’s often triggered by stress, illness, or cold temperatures and currently has no cure. Since it’s an inflammatory skin condition however, tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties can calm irritated skin and reduce itching. 

Adding Tea Tree Oil To Your Hair Care Regime 

Whether you suffer from an itchy, irritated scalp, dry curls, or other similar hair frustrations, adding tea tree oil into your natural hair care routine is always a good idea. The plant extract’s nutrients and deep cleansing properties help protect the scalp against irritations so preemptive use is recommended.

african pride hair scalp sealing oil

For example, before putting hair into a protective style or under a weave, give strands and scalp a quick dose of our Hair And Scalp Sealing Oil to lock in moisture, calm any itchiness or irritation, and prevent future

dryness. Similarly, on wash day reach for a restoring and rejuvenating shampoo/conditioner combo like our Olive Miracle 2-1 formula to help repair any damage or breakage and say hello to healthier, happier hair.