With Hanakkuah underway and Christmas just around the corner, many people find themselves faced with that eternally frustrating question: what presents should I buy for my friends and family? It’s been a weird year to say the least. Most people aren’t shopping the same way they used to. Similarly, with most people still working remote and not attending major events, there is much less need for fancy clothes or makeup. 

If you’re struggling with what to get your friends or family members this year, not to fear! We’ve created the ultimate holiday gift guide for all the textured hair beauties in your life. If you’re not entirely sure what someone’s hair type or needs are, you can always ask them outright, or take a peek at their social media to get a better idea (and keep it more of a secret). 

No matter what hair type or texture you’re buying for, there is something on this gift guide that is sure to bring them joy, and great hair. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or something special to stash under the tree, let’s take a closer look at what’s on everyone’s wish list this year.

Why African Pride Hair Care Products? 

African Pride was created to help empower and support all the natural-haired beauties out there. We want you to love the locks you were born with and help make them look their absolute best. 

Operated and led by women of color, African Pride truly understands the unique process of caring for your natural hair and the special journey to self-love. We believe In the unspoken power of a great hair day. The boost of energy that’s given when your beauty and confidence is intertwined should be accessible to all women. That’s why we created African Pride hair care products with premium all-natural ingredients at an affordable price. All our products are made for wavy, curly, and coily hair of all textures and patterns without harmful chemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

The African Pride Gift Guide

With so many products on the market featuring trendy ingredients and buzzy names it can be overwhelming trying to find the right ones for you, let alone for somebody else. We get it. That’s why this year we aren’t just sharing our holiday gift guide, but how you’ll be able to determine someone’s hair type in order to give them the perfect gift. Let’s get to it!

Straight/Chemically Relaxed Hair

How You’ll Know:  

Hair relaxers can range from an at-home lotion kit to a professional system. The goal of a hair relaxer is to make natural locks easier to straighten and manage. They work by breaking down hair strands and chemically altering the texture to reduce the curl pattern. You’ll be able to tell if someone has chemically relaxed hair by looking for the absence of curls or coils. If however, they have super long, shiny locks that’s likely a wig or weave. Look for a shorter length and clear, defined edges. 

What To Get Them:

Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner 15 oz. jar

Chemically relaxed hair is much more prone to damage and breakage. As such, a great gift for someone with this hair need is a super nourishing leave-in conditioner like our Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner.

This lightweight formula utilizes the rich nutrients and fatty acids in Olive oil and the detoxifying benefits of Tea Tree Oil to protect, strengthen, and condition natural hair. The other great gift? A strengthening cream like our Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Cream. Crafted with nourishing natural ingredients, this formula hydrates, softens and conditions hair while treating the scalp. It also helps prevent dryness and split ends, all while improving overall manageability.

Coily Hair

How You’ll Know:

Coily hair is defined by small, tight spirals that are typically in a zigzag pattern. This hair type is much more prone to dryness and shrinkage. Some famous faces with this hair type are Solange Knowles, Kerry Washington, and Issa Rae. 

What To Get Them:

Moisture Miracle Essential OIls

Due to its tight coil pattern, Type 4 hair needs as much moisture as it can get. Regardless of exact texture, all coily hair girls will greatly benefit from nourishing, hydrating ingredients. Our two favorites? African Pride 5 Essential Oils which blends Vitamin E with Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil to replenish hair’s natural nutrients, protect against breakage, and promote natural growth. Next our Black Castor Miracle Deep Penetrating Conditioning Treatment which combines Black Castor Oil, Coconut Milk, and Shea Butter to quench thirsty strands.

Curly Hair

How You’ll Know:

Curly hair, or Type 3 hair, is slightly looser and springier, but much more prone to frizz. They are also sometimes called corkscrew curls and tend to be rather dense. Some famous faces with this hair type are Nathalie Emmanuel, Yara Shahidi, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

What To Get Them:

Moisture Miracle Leave In Conditioner

Type 3 hair can be difficult to care for as it needs both moisture and definition. Tackle both of these hair needs with a lush leave-in conditioner and curl defining formula. Our Moisture Miracle leave-in conditioner is a lightweight blend of hydrating Coconut Milk and African Honey which helps replenish moisture, add shine, and soften hair. Curly hair will also love a curl defining product like our Moisture Miracle Flaxseed Oil & Shea Butter Gel N’ Cream. This 3-in-1 formula blends nourishing ingredients to provide excellent curl definition and hydration that enhances curls natural pattern with zero flaking.

Wavy Hair 

How You’ll Know:

Wavy hair, or Type 2 hair, is defined by loose waves with slight bend. This hair tends to be less dense and less dry than the other hair types. Type 2 hair can differ greatly from soft ringlets to looser waves and it’s typical for someone to have several different curl patterns on their head. Famous faces with this hair type are Lorde and Zendaya, though Beyonce also frequently rocks this hair type.  

What To Get Them:

Curl Styling Custard

Wavy hair needs a combination of curl boosters and formulas that add more definition and texture to strands and we love our Moisture Miracle Argan Oil Curl Mousse for Type 2 hair. This blend of Rose Water and Argan Oil forms a lightweight foam that conditions hair while adding body, control, and flexible hold. It leaves natural curls defined, frizz-free, and soft. Wavy hair, whether this is a person’s natural texture or an in-between texture while transitioning also benefits from a nourishing curl pudding like our Shea Moisture Curl Styling Custard. This non-sticky, flake-free formula helps elongate curls while giving them softness and shine.

Dry Hair 

How You’ll Know:

Almost every textured hair type could use an extra dose of hydration. While type 4 hair is more prone to dryness, the colder months mean everyone needs to up their moisturizer game. This is the gift that can’t fail. 

What To Get Them:

honey and coconut oil shampoo

A nourishing shampoo & conditioner duo. Our most-loved Moisture Miracle Honey & Coconut Oil Shampoo is our go-to cleanser. This gentle shampoo removes dirt and buildup from hair without stripping it of its natural oils, but it’s also powerful. It deeply penetrates the hair shaft to hydrate natural coils and curls, leaving hair soft, nourished, and bursting with natural shine. Pair it with our Honey, Chocolate & Coconut Oil Conditioner which utilizes a moisture restoring blend of natural ingredients to hydrate and repair dry coils and curls.

Kids Hair

Detangling Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner

Don’t leave out the kiddos! Our Dream Kids collection is filled with gentle, easy-to-use products that are great for kids with growing curls and coils. Featuring natural ingredients that are gentle on delicate hair, kids love our Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner and detangling Anti-Reversion Shampoo.

Where To Buy African Pride Hair Care Products

Ready to check these gifts off your holiday shopping list? There are a few ways to get your gifts delivered in time. Order your favorite African Pride products online or shop in store at Dollar General and Walgreens. Find your favorite African Pride products nearest you with our handy store locator. Happy Holidays!