Have you ever noticed that it seems like almost all black women have beautifully strong biceps? Despite the internet jokes and memes that exaggerate, there’s some truth to it, and with very good reason. Here’s a hint, it’s all in the hair. 

There’s no getting around it, maintaining healthy, moisturized natural hair requires work. However, with the right routine, African Pride moisturizing hair products, and care, you can have great hair and strong arms. 

Establishing a natural hair care routine is the first step towards more beautiful, manageable hair. African Pride’s hair moisturizer products are specially formulated for natural hair to keep it nourished and strong. 

Our best-selling Moisture Miracle collection combines natural ingredients that work double-time to keep hair hydrated and healthy. Your coils don’t just need more, they deserve more. 

Understanding your unique texture and hair type will help you better care for your curls in the long run. But first, let’s dive deeper into why natural hair requires extra love.

Coils are unique

No two coils are alike. In addition to your hair’s unique texture, pattern, and density, other factors like diet and air quality can affect your hair’s natural state and how it responds to different products. What works best for your sister or mother may not work for you. 

There’s no blueprint for your hair, it’s often a combination of learning your hairs needs, and simple trial and error. Embracing your unique natural hair is a special journey. Spend some time with your natural hair to learn what it requires to be it’s most beautiful.

Coils are thirsty

There is a science to why natural curly hair is not only unique, but a bit more complex. The scalp for instance, naturally produces a sebum that moisturizes and protects hair follicles. Sebum and water moisturize hair by traveling down the hair shaft but textured and curly hair gives these moisturizing agents a harder time getting down hair strands. That’s why curly hair is more prone to dryness, making moisturizing products incredibly important to achieve and maintain happy and healthy hair. On wash day and in between styling sessions, make sure to give tighter textures a lasting boost of hydration with a few spritzes of our lightweight African Pride Moisture Miracle leave-in conditioner.

Coils are needy

Natural curls and tighter textures can be a little high maintenance. They want the good stuff (but really, who doesn’t). This means using natural, specialized products made just for our unique hair types. We must know when and how to use the right products if we want to keep our hair healthy and strong. For shampoo, opt for a gentle formula, like our African Pride Moisture Miracle Shampoo, that protects and nourishes hair without stripping agents like sulfates. Follow with our African Pride Moisture Miracle Conditioner that combines the natural conditioning benefits of honey and coconut oil with the restorative (and yummy-smelling) benefits of chocolate.

5 Tips To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

Now that we have a better understanding of what your unique curls need to live their best life, we’ve compiled our top tips for ensuring your natural hair is healthy and moisturized. Read on for our five favorite tips on how to keep your natural hair moisturized all year long.

#1 Use a pre-shampoo

A moisturizing pre-poo is the key to an easier wash day and consequently, healthier hair. A pre-shampoo works to gently detangle your curls while adding some much-needed moisture into strands to help protect hair during the washing process. This makes tighter textures, curls, and coils more manageable and less susceptible to breakage while wet.

For best results, apply all over dry hair before cleansing. Use your fingers to gently detangle and comb through hair. Got extra dry or tangled hair? Leave on for up to 30 minutes to allow hair to fully absorb all the moisturizing benefits before you rinse.

#2 Use a sulfate-free shampoo

Since our curls are unique, they all require a different care routine. However, for most natural hair washing everyday is a big no. The reason? The more you wash your hair, the drier it will actually become.

When you do schedule your wash day, pick a gentle shampoo formula that is free from sulfates. Our Moisture Miracle Shampoo removes dirt and buildup from your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Maintaining your hair’s natural oils is integral to keeping your hair healthy and moisturized.

#3 Deep condition

After pre-pooing and shampooing your natural hair, give your coils some deep lovin’. No matter how gentle you are while washing, the process will strip hair of some moisture.

Add nutrients and moisture back to strands through deep conditioning. Massage our Moisture Miracle Conditioner to wet hair for 10-15 minutes and gently rinse out. For an extra boost of moisture apply a targeted hair mask like our Moisture Restore Treatment, apply a plastic shower cap and let sit for 30 minutes. 

Deep conditioning not only ensures your natural hair stays moisturized, it will prevent damage, soften strands, and restore shine. For best results, deep condition once a week.

#4 Seal in moisture

The last thing you want to do after all that work is to have your coils dry out again. Plus, the more you seal in moisture, the easier wash days will become (and the better your hair will look in-between).

Replace the moisture your scalp produces (and loses in between wash day) by massaging your scalp and strands with a nourishing blend of 5 Essential Oils or our Hair & Scalp Sealing Oil. This promotes hair growth and restores the natural nutrients your hair needs. Lastly, putting your hair in a protective style will help keep your coils healthy, strong, and looking fly.

#5 Sleep on satin

Quality sleep is crucial to your overall mental and physical health. The best way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to make your bedroom a sanctuary. Using a satin pillowcase or bonnet helps to keep your strands full of moisture as satin won’t damage your natural hair, cause tangling, or split ends. Bonus points, satin is also known to help your skin breathe. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure you wake up flawless.

African Pride Hair Moisturizers

African Pride hair moisturizers are specifically formulated for every type of natural hair. Our ultimate goal is to keep your curls and coils hydrated, healthy, and happy. Our best-selling Moisture Miracle collection has everything your hair type needs to restore moisture, refresh dry or damaged strands and maintain lush, healthy hair in the long run.