As individuals, we all have our own unique hair care regimen. We have different textures, curl patterns, densities, porosities, environments, budgets, and preferences. 

While it’s important to find the right methods and products that work for you and your hair type, the one thing we can all agree on is the importance of moisture. 

Dryness is curly hair’s worst enemy because our delicate strands are inherently prone to it and the potential breakage, dullness, and damage it can cause. 

Using the tried-and-true LOC method for natural or relaxed hair is an easy yet incredibly amazing way to thoroughly moisturize your thirsty curls and coils. Not only does this popular method give strands a boost of moisture but it ensures your hair stays hydrated longer, especially if you’re going a longer time between wash days. 

Several African Pride leave-in products in our Moisture Miracle collection are perfect for using with the LOC method. But what products should you be using and in what order?

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the LOC method or just want to make sure you’re making the most of your current routine, we’re breaking down each aspect of the LOC method. Read on to see how the African Pride leave-in LOC method is the secret to your best hair yet.

What is the LOC Method?

This easy 3-step process is one of the best ways to give dry hair of all textures and types a lust boost of moisture and shine, but what exactly does it mean? LOC is an acronym that stands for: leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. 

The LOC method is pretty straightforward as the steps and products are already laid out in the name. What separates this method from other treatments however, is that it’s specially designed to give hair the maximum moisture. 

It’s a rigid routine for a reason. You wouldn’t apply face moisturizer right before washing your face right? Because that would wash away all the moisture you just applied. Similarly, LOC layers products in a specific order to ensure your hair gets the most from each product.

Is The LOC Method Right For Me?

Some curly queens opt for the LCO, liquid, cream, and oil order instead. The LCO method is generally best for low porosity hair while the LOC method is typically best for type 4 and high porosity hair because it has larger open pores that can absorb more product to avoid clogged follicles. 

We typically prefer the LOC method for every type of curly hair because adding the oil after the liquid prevents hygral fatigue. 

Porosity may slightly impact how your hair responds to the LOC method, but it’s still effective at moisturizing any hair type that is prone to dryness. 

Curly, textured, and coily hair is always thirsting for moisture and the LOC method is a perfect way to keep it hydrated in between wash days. You can do the LOC method every time you do a wash and go style, typically every 1-2 weeks. 

What Does the LOC Method do For Natural Hair?

The LOC method works best for natural hair (though it can also be used on relaxed hair) that’s prone to dryness and struggles to retain moisture. The basic idea behind the method is to hydrate the hair with a liquid, hold the moisture in with an oil, and seal it in with a cream. 

Each step contributes to keeping the moisture in the hair strands. First the liquid opens up the hair cuticles, which readies the hair to receive moisture. With the cuticles open, the oil can properly penetrate the hair shafts so that they can hold in the moisture. 

The cream closes the hair cuticle back up, sealing everything in and preventing moisture loss. Keeping the hair moisturized with the LOC method not only makes hair softer and shiner, but it also prevents breakage, dryness, and frizz.

How to do the LOC Method

Whether you’re a natural hair pro or just making the transition, the LOC method is an incredibly easy routine to learn. The best part? It utilizes products you most likely already have in your cabinet. Let’s break down how to successfully do the LOC method step-by-step

Step 1: Moisturize With African Pride Leave-in Conditioner

moisture miracle leave in conditioner

The first step in preparing hair to receive all the nourishing benefits of LOC is to apply moisture in the form of water. Water delivers the initial dose of hydration before heavier moisturizing substances layer on top. 

It’s the job of good natural hair products to successfully retain the moisture that hair gets from water, which is where the next two steps come into play. 

If your hair is dry be sure to lightly re-wet it with water or do this step when you’re fresh out of the shower. Then with your hair clean and wet, gently separate into sections. Generously spray each section with leave-in conditioner. Make sure to show extra love to your ends as they’re typically the driest and most susceptible to breakage.

To deliver the most moisture to the hair, use a moisturizing, water-based leave-in conditioner. It might seem obvious, but to ensure the product you’re using is water-based check the ingredient list. Water should be the first item listed. You can find this in our African Pride Moisture Miracle Leave-in Conditioner

This mixture of liquids will open the hair cuticles to prepare the hair to continue receiving moisture from the rest of the products.

Step 2: Seal in Moisture With Oil

african pride 5 essential oils

There is a wide variety of oils out there that have different benefits, but some only sit on top of the hair while others penetrate the hair follicles. Penetrating oils help the hair to maintain moisture by sealing it into the hair follicles. 

Coconut oil and olive oil are two oils found in our African Pride 5 Essential Oils blend that also bind with internal hair proteins to fully nourish the hair with all the benefits of each oil. The coconut oil will also help to reduce protein loss during your next shampoo.

Apply a thin layer of the oil blend to each section of the hair until you coat your whole head. Be sure not to go overboard as you don’t want to leave your curls looking greasy.

This thin layer coats the hair shafts to keep them moisturized and it soothes the hair cuticles to help the moisture from the liquid infiltrate the hair strands.

Step 3: Lock in Moisture with African Pride Leave-in Cream

african pride leave in cream

The final step of the LOC method is to close the hair cuticle back up with a creamy moisturizer that locks the hydration into the hair. Sealing the hair cuticle is the most important step in preventing hair from losing moisture. 

The cream should be something heavy like our Moisture Miracle Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Leave-In Cream. The natural ingredients in this conditioning cream help hair to retain moisture but they also don’t prohibit it from taking in additional moisture if you need to rehydrate before your next wash day. 

Apply a generous amount of styling cream to your hands, rub them together, and smooth the formula into your hair from roots to ends. The coconut oil and baobab oil protect against breakage and strengthen the hair with tons of nutrients. 

The moisture your strands need gets absorbed and the remaining product leaves your hair with a protective coating against the environment. This final layer of product ties everything together to keep your curls defined, manageable, hydrated, and strong.

The LOC method is not only meant to be a hair care routine, but also a style. All of our Moisture Miracle products are made to highlight the individual natural beauty of your curls to keep them cute, healthy, and bouncing until your next wash day.

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